Monday, November 6, 2023

Crafty Projects


I hope you'll enjoy looking at some crafty projects I've been doing recently. 

I water-colored this autumn tree yesterday.
One of my favorite pictures to paint this fall has been a mill house with autumn colors suggesting a hill of deciduous trees in the background. But when I add those beautiful oranges, yellows and reds to the background, all of the sudden my mill house is about to be engulfed in flames!
 It can be difficult to give the impression of autumn colors without also hinting at eminent catastrophe; especially when I'm painting a forest of trees. So I did what I should have done long before; I looked at a tutorial . After implementing some of the techniques in my own way, I am satisfied with the result and hope to make my trees more realistic in the future.

I've made some Cowboy Christmas/winter cards to sell at a local shop. I have made them in 2 sizes; the larger size has sentiments inside while the smaller cards are blank.

 I made 3 categories of "sentimental" cards: encouragement, birthday and Christmas. Each of them have western sentiments for the occasion. Here's an example of an encouragement card.

I am making progress on my quilt, which features English Paper Piecing
(The process I was taught and the one in the tutorial are very similar; I baste my fabric "hexies" around the paper hexies instead of gluing them.)

I have yet to applique some of my hexagon circles to quilt blocks.

I hope to add a few more colors to my quilt, but for now I have teal and bright green.

As you can see, the circles are quite large when finished. The quilt blocks are 20" squares, so I don't have to make too many of them to make a big quilt; perhaps 3 blocks across and 5 down. 
I plan to put a large border of color around the finished blocks and sashing to make the finished quilt twin or double sized.
This is a picture of one of my quilt blocks folded in quarters. I just thought that it would make a pretty block by itself with the hexagon corner embellishment. This would be neat for napkins or fan-quilt style blocks. 

To finish, here's some Autumn Morning pictures from the high desert.

to God be the glory,
Miss Humphrey 

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Autumn and Winter Wardrobe Planning

Hello again!

I thought I'd share with you my autumn and winter wardrobe plans in this post. It's composed of dresses I've sewn myself, clothes I've been given, and store-bought clothes.

Winter Walking Skirt and Western Blouse
You can view a post about this skirt here
I can pair any white blouse with this skirt and look like I stepped out of Scotland.

Festive Circle Dress
This is one of my favorite dresses! It has an A-line flare to it and is all around fun and wintry. 
You can have a better look at it here.

Gold 1830's Dress
You can look at this dress in more detail here.

Jean skirt and blouse
This jean skirt, made from a pattern for an Edwardian walking skirt, is a staple for all seasons. It matches EVERYTHING, and I have worn it a lot since its creation this spring! For autumn/winter I can pair it with a long sleeve blouse or plaid shirt. 

Regency Jumper
Jumpers are a good option for winter since you always layer when you wear them, providing extra warmth. See more of this jumper here.

Midnight Blue 1830's Dress
I just did a post on this dress. You can see it here.

Autumn Foliage
I didn't make this dress; it was a find at Walmart if I recall correctly. Isn't it the spirit of autumn? It features a lower waist than most of my dresses, and I think it would look charming with a sweater or jean jacket.

Blue Anchor Dress
My grandma made this dress and gave it to me on a beach trip. Isn't it beautiful?

That wraps up most of my autumn and winter wardrobe!
I hope this post was inspiring to you. Even if you don't sew or haven't gotten into it yet, you can still compile fun outfits for the cold, drippy seasons. 
Have you begun your seasonal festivities yet? I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!
I have been enjoying listening to Handel's Messiah recently. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, it is a beautiful, Scripture-filled musical composition that is worth listening to. 

to God be the glory,

Miss Humphrey

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