Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Easter Dress Idea

 Hello all! 

How's your spring progressing? We woke up to another inch-and-a-half of snow or so this morning. Oh, for some warm weather!

Today I'm sharing a dress I made for Easter last year. My grandmother sent me this picture (it may have been from Pinterest), and I decided to copy the dress - it was so lovely!

Here is my rendition of it!

My mother helped me tackle the project. She showed me how to take one piece of fabric and use box-pleats to shape the front of the dress.

The front of the dress features box-pleats, and the back is gathered.

I learned how to cover buttons from an on-line tutorial. Some of them have come a little loose from the dress, and could use a refastening.

~the box-pleat~

A close up of the fabric

Hopefully you enjoyed this dress. Check back on the blog next week to see more sewing projects!

to God be the glory,
Miss Humphrey

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